What reports are available for Exchange Migrator? (NETIQKB1152)

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What reports are available for Exchange Migrator?


There are three categories of reports available within Exchange Migrator:

  • Migration Status Reports
  • Exchange Organization State Reports
  • Conflict Reports

The explanation of these report groups are as follows:

Migration Status Reports

The migration status reports let you review the contents of a project and track which objects are migrated and which migration tasks have been performed for the project. The migration status reports include the following reports:

  • Mailboxes to Migrate
  • Distribution lists to Migrate
  • Custom Recipients to Migrate
  • Public Folders to Migrate
  • Object Migration Status
  • Migration Tasks Performed

In addition to viewing these reports, you can view objects selected for migration in the MMC interface. Click the object type you want to view for a project, such as Mailboxes, in the left pane. Exchange Migrator displays the mailboxes included in the project in the right pane. This information is updated dynamically. If you select an object in the right pane, you can remove it from the project. To remove the object, click Action and select Remove from project.

Exchange Organization Reports

The Exchange organization reports display useful information about the Exchange servers. The Server reports show information about both source and target servers. The other reports display information about objects on the source server. Exchange Migrator provides the following Exchange organization reports:

  • Mailbox Email Address List
  • Mailbox by Display Name
  • Mailbox by NT Account
  • Mailbox by Size
  • Mailbox by Last Logon
  • Mailbox Permissions
  • List of Members and Their Distribution Lists
  • Custom Recipients Email Address List
  • Distribution List Email Address List
  • List of Distribution List Members
  • Public Folder Size
  • Server Version Information
  • Server Custom Attributes
  • Server Space Available
  • Server Space Used

Conflict Reports

The conflict reports display useful information that indicates duplicate objects on source or target Exchange sites. Exchange Migrator does not check objects on other sites within the Exchange organization. The conflict reports can help you identify whether to create new projects to handle special-case objects. Exchange Migrator provides the following conflict reports:

  • Duplicate Mailboxes & Distribution Lists
  • Custom Recipients Referenced by Target Objects
  • Objects Referenced by Target Custom Recipients

The Duplicate Mailboxes & Distribution Lists report displays any mailbox or distribution lists on the source whose email address is use by another object on the target. The other two conflict reports identify objects that have a corresponding custom recipient on the source or target. These reports can help you determine if the objects need to be handled in separate projects.


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