What is the Refresh Migrated Objects report? (NETIQKB1149)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What is the Refresh Migrated Objects report?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


The Refresh Migrated Objects report will update the Migrated Objects table with the most current location of objects migrated with DMA that have been changed/updated outside of DMA (scripting, moving to other containers, etc.)

Here is an example to demonstrate what this report will do:

If DomainA\UserX were migrated to DomainB\UserX, the attributes that correspond to this user object in the Migrated Objects table would look like this:

ActionID = 1

Time = date\time

SourceDomain = DomainA

TargetDomain = DomainB

SourceAdsPath = LDAP:// or Winnt://

TargetAdsPath = LDAP:// or Winnt://

Status = (numerical value)

SourceSamName = UserX

TargetSamName = UserX

Type = User

GUID = (unique identifier for account)

SourceRID = (RID from source account)

TargetRID = (RID from target account)

SIDHistory = (checked/unchecked)

SourceComment = (Description)

TargetComment = (Description)

SourceFullName = (User account Full Name)

TargetFullName = (User account Full Name) DisplayFlags

DMA can perform its tasks using this entry until you decide to rename the source or target object (especially the target). In this case, DMA will search for an account named UserX. If UserX is renamed to Joe User, DMA will no longer be able to update that object. To solve this problem, run the Refresh Migrated Objects report. This prompts DMA to review the RIDs in the Migrated Objects table and compare the values of the object properties (samaccountname,OU, etc.) with the current values stored in the Active Directory. If the values do not match, DMA will update the entry.

This report is most helpful if you make changes to the accounts outside of DMA. Changes include

  • Renaming the samAccountName ( downlevel logon name )
  • Moving the account to a different OU.

However, if you re-migrate an account that has been renamed in the target, DMA will create a new account. You can prevent this by using Data Modeling. To learn more about Data Modeling, please see Chapter 9 (p. 59) of the DMA 7.0 User Guide.

You can run this report from the Global Report list (Global Reports -->Domain Status -->Refresh Migrated Objects) to refresh the correct table for each project. The best results occur when this report is run immediately after moving objects from their original containers or performing one of the aforementioned changes.

Please contact Technical Support to create a Support Request for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current hotfixes available for download.

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