Error: 'The rule group can't be deleted because one or more rules in this group is associated (NETIQKB1134)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Apr-2012


Security Manager 6.0

Security Manager 6.5


When trying to delete a Processing Rule Group from within the Development Console, SM reports 'This group may not be deleted becuase one of more rules in the group is assoisated with an Alert".
Why can't a Processing Rule Group be deleted?


This is a known issue within SM. The reason for this issue is there are still alerts in the database assoicated with one or more rules within the Processing Rule Group that is trying to be deleted. To be sure the alerts are groomed out of the database, first ensure that all Open Alerts are changed to a status of resolved. After alerts have been resovled they will be groomed out of the onepoint database according to the grooming periods set within the Development console's configuration section. After the alert(s) assoicated with the Rule(s) is / are groomed out of the database, the Rules can be deleted. As a work around, you can temporaily disable the Processing Rule groups, to prevent them from being applied to any agents.


When you try to delete a Processing rule group, SM will attempt to update tables within the OnePoint Database. When an alert is stored in the OnePoint DB, the Processing Rule that generated that alert is linked to it. The rule or rule group now becomes a "Parent" of of the alert, who is a "Child" belonging to the rule. SQL does not allow deleting "Parent" objects when there are still "Child" objects linked to it.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB1134