How can I stop or delete the DMA and SC agent services? (NETIQKB1087)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-Sep-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

Server Consolidator 7.1

Server Consolidator 2.0

If the DMA or SC service seems to be stuck or possibly causing problems, then the following information will allow you to either delete or stop a service remotely.

Names of the Services for DMA and SC

  • DMA agent service name: OnePointDomainAdminService
    • DMA agent service display name: Domain Migration Administrator Agent
  • SC agent service name: OnePointDomainAdminService
    • SC agent service display name: Domain Migration Administrator Agent

Deleting a Service

The Service Controller Query Tool (sc.exe) can be used to delete the service from the services applet. It can be obtained from the Microsoft NT4 Resource Kit.

Example: sc.exe \\computername delete OnePointDomainAdminService

Stopping a Service
If the service does not need to be deleted, then here is the easiest way to stop a service on an NT4 machine from a W2K machine.

  1. Start\Run
  2. Type in: srvmgr
  3. Highlight the machine that you want to stop services on.
  4. Click on Services in the Computer menu.
  5. Scroll down and find the Service you want to stop, and highlight it.
  6. Click on stop.
  7. Now run your task again.


    The agent service was designed to stop itself and then be removed from the SCM.  In some cases this happens upon the machine's next reboot.  In still fewer cases, the agent may become hung and unable to remove itself as designed.  There is no need to manually uninstall the agent on a machine unless it gets hung.  In those cases, you should use the solution provided above.  So in the case where you do not see the Domain Migration Administrator Agent in the SCM, that would indicate that the service removed itself as designed. This would also indicate that the agent is no longer active on the machine.

    Although the agent may successfully remove itself, the agent files do still remain on the machine unless manually deleted.  These files have no ability to spontaneously reactivate or reinstall the agent service.  The service can only be reinstalled by your directive to DMA to launch an agent to the machine.  This could be for security translation, reporting, machine rename or migration purposes.

    For more information on agent files, please see;

    NETIQKB16135: Does the DMA agent leave files on a machine after performing the agent task?

    Additional Information

    Formerly known as NETIQKB1087