How do I grant the Primary NT Account of the source mailbox access to the target Exchange 2000/2003 (NETIQKB915)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Aug-2007


How do I grant the Primary NT Account of the source mailbox access to the target Exchange 2000/2003 mailbox?

Exchange Migrator 2.x


The feature that associates the source NT4 account with the migrated Exchange 2000 mailbox was first available in Exchange Migrator 1.1 SP1.

To take advantage of this feature, select the Associate the existing account with the new Exchange mailbox checkbox in the Select Windows 2000 Account Merge Options window of the Specify Migration Options wizard.

This GUI option was updated with Exchange MIgrator 2.2 SP1 (2.21) Hotfix 27949. It now reads:

Associate source account with target migrated mailbox

Only use this option if you will continue to log on with the source domain account. Selecting this option will cause any accounts created by EM to be disabled.

Note: Enabling the target user accounts after migration requires additional configuration. Refer to NETIQKB9537 for additional information.


Please see the following Knowledge Base article for more information:

NETIQKB9537 - How do I enable disabled accounts that were originally created by ADC?

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