How can I troubleshoot and resolve problems with agent deployment? (NETIQKB903)

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How can I troubleshoot and resolve problems with agent deployment?

What are the best Knowledge Base articles for troubleshooting issues with Security Manager?

Security Manager 5.X

Security Manager 3.X

Security Manager 4.X

Begin troubleshooting by checking the Security Manager Self-monitoring Security view, Managed Computer Rules, and Pending Installation Folder in the Monitor Console. The following Knowledge Base articles will assist you:

    NETIQKB2097: How can I install Security Manager Agents to remote machines?

    NETIQKB2213: How can I troubleshoot failed agent deployments?

    NETIQKB29906: How do I install an agent(s) on a different or non conventional drive?

    NETIQKB33348: How can I troubleshoot and resolve errors with Agent Authentication failures?  

If you are using the Manual Agent Installer, verify this was done properly by viewing these Knowledge Base articles:

    NETIQKB10239: How do I install and configure an agent manually to communicate with the Consolidator?

    NETIQKB2184: How does the Manual Agent Installation work?

Make sure the agent is in a domain. If it is not, use the following steps to deploy the agent:

    NETIQKB2100: How can I install Security Manager Agents to computers not in a domain or connecting through RAS?


For additional information about Agent Manager installation process and all the files copied by the Agent Manager, refer to following knowledge base articles:

NETIQKB862: How does an Agent Manager install new agents?

NETIQKB1219: What files does the Agent Manager copy to a computer during an agent install?  

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