What is the recommended strategy for integrating Domain Migration Administrator, Server Consolidator (NETIQKB865)

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What is the recommended strategy for integrating Domain Migration Administrator, Server Consolidator, and Exchange Migrator as a complete migration solution?

How do I coordinate multiple product migrations?

What is the recommended order for migrating the elements in your environment, such as users, groups, computers, security setting, mailboxes, distribution lists, and folders?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x


NetIQ Corporation recommends the following migration strategy for most migrations involving the combined use of DMA, SC, and EM.

Although NetIQ Corporation recommends this strategy as a general rule of thumb, your particular migration scenario may require some adjustments about what gets migrated and when. Use this strategy as a guide and best practice.  NetIQ Corporation recommends that you perform extensive testing with a mirror image of your production environment in a lab environment to get the most accurate results out of your testing. This will give you the best idea of what to expect to happen in production.

  1. Using Domain Migration Administrator (DMA), migrate the user accounts, groups, and computer accounts. For a complete and detailed migration workflow, please refer to the section named 'Workflow,' in Chapter 2 of the DMA 7.x User Guide. 

    A. Migrate users.

    B. Migrate groups.

    C. Migrate computers.

    D. Translate security settings (files, folders, shares) or translate security for accounts with SID History.

    E. Translate security on Exchange mailboxes (only if the Exchange migration will happen at a later time).  If you are completing the migration in a weekend, this step is not needed.

  2. Using Server Consolidator (SC), migrate files, folders, shares, printers, and printer settings.

    A. Migrate files, folders, and shares.

    B. Migrate printers.

  3. Using Exchange Migrator (EM), migrate custom recipients, distributions lists, public folders, and mailboxes.

    A. Run EMCLI Dirsync (for Inter-ORG migrations only).

    B. Migrate Custom Recipients (CR).

    C. Migrate Distribution Lists (DL).

    D. Migrate Public Folders (PF) (for Inter-ORG migrations only).

    E. Migrate Mailboxes (MB).

When using Exchange Migrator, NetIQ Corporation recommends you run EMCLI Dirsync first. Doing this replicates the Global Address List (GAL).  For more information about using EMDirSync, see the Exchange Migrator User Guide or online help. 

Since EMDirSync does not replicate CRs, NetIQ Corporation recommends you migrate all CRs to the target. After you have a "complete" GAL, migrate all DLs.  If you don't migrate all the DLs and they have delivery restrictions in the source, you will be unable to mail these DLs.

Next, migrate the Public Folders so that when the first mailboxes arrive at the target, the environment will be fully populated. You MUST run Synchronize and Update Migrated Public Folders on every PF after the migration of all MBs.  Also, you MUST run Synchronize and Update Migrated Mailboxes on all MBs after the migration of all MBs. NetIQ Corporation recommends a sync after each incremental migration (mailbox and/or public folder migrations) to update permissions.



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