How are Reply-to messages changed to point to the newly created DN on the target mailbox? (NETIQKB864)

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Exchange Migrator 2.x

Exchange Migrator 1.x


The reply-to address on an email message is protected as a read-only field. Exchange Migrator does not translate reply-to addresses to indicate the new email address of migrated mailboxes. To correct this problem, Exchange Migrator migrates each mailbox, custom recipient, and distributions list to the target Exchange server with its source X.500 address.

In an inter-org migration, the Reply-to or Reply-to-All are correctly routed based on the source X.500 address. Objects in a migration between organizations must be migrated to the target Exchange server for X.500 routing to work. For example, User A sends User B email. You migrate the mailboxes and messages for both users to the target Exchange server. User B logs into his mailbox on the target Exchange server and replies to the message sent by User A using the Reply to button. The message is routed to User A on the target using the source X.500 address.

In a migration between sites within an Exchange organization, messages sent using the Reply-to or Reply-to-All buttons are sent to the source objects and then forwarded to the correct objects on the target Exchange server. When the source object is removed, messages are sent directly to the correct objects on the target Exchange server.

How does this apply in practical terms? Let's look at the example below.

Let's say that there are two users, UserA (to be migrated later) and UserB (getting ready to be migrated).

If UserA sends a message to UserB and UserB is then migrated to the target. If UserB clicks on the Reply-To button to respond to UserA, and you have used EMDirSync, the Custom Recipients/Contacts will have the x500 address of the source object and will therefore be able to forward the mail to the source using SMTP.

Note: For more information on Exchange Migrators EMDirsync. Please see the following Knowledge Base article:

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