How do I manually include a computer into a computer group? (NETIQKB856)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I manually include a computer into a computer group?

Security Manager 4.X

Security Manager 5.X


After manually installing an agent that cannot be accessed by the Agent Manager, include the new agent computer in the appropriate computer groups. Since you may never scan this new agent computer, especially if it is outside the internal network firewall, including the computer in computer groups ensures you continue to collect information from this agent computer.

Note:If you are manually installing an agent to monitor a firewall product, skip this procedure. You will include computers in a computer group when you run the Getting Started Wizard (or the Configuration Wizard in SM 5.1/5.5).

To include a computer into a computer group:

  1. Log on to the Development Console computer using an account that is a member of the 'OnePointOp Operators' group.
  2. Start the Development Console in the 'NetIQ Security Manager' program folder.
  3. Expand 'Security Manager Development Console' in the left pane.
  4. Click Computer Groups in the left pane.
  5. Select the computer group you want to add the new agent computer to in the right pane.
  6. From the 'Action' menu, click Properties.
  7. Click Add on the 'Included Computers' tab.
  8. Select Equals from the Domain list and type the name of the domain in the 'Domain' field.

    Note:The domain name must be specified exactly and cannot include wildcard characters. If the agent comptuer is in workgroup, enter the exact workgroup name in the Domain field.
  9. Select Equals from the 'Computer' list, type the name of the computer in the 'Computer' field and click OK.
  10. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 for each computer group to which you want to add the agent computer.

    Note:  All changes are implemented and take effect at the next managed computer scan.



More information about including or excluding a computer from a computer groupis available in the Security Manager online help.

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