How do I create an ActiveView to manage Groups? (NETIQKB301)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I create an ActiveView to manage Groups?

How do I create an ActiveView for group management?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

The following is a step-by-step process for creating an ActiveView for group management.

For DRA 6.x Versions

Launch the MMC interface while logged on as an Assistant Admin with, at minimum, Built-in Security Role.

ActiveView Creation

  1. Expand ActiveView management.
  2. Highlight ActiveViews and click New.
  3. Type in a name for the ActiveView and click Finish.
  4. In the Add objects dialog box, select Include Group and click Next.
  5. Highlight In Specific Domain, select the domain, and click Next.
  6. Highlight Name Matching [wildname], click on wildname and type xyz*, click Next.
  7. Select Users and Groups and click Next.
  8. Click Next again.
  9. In the Add any exceptions screen leave all options unchecked and click Next.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. In the What would you like to do next? dialog box, select the Assign Assistant Admins option.
  12. Select Add users.
  13. Select the user account from the list and click Add.
  14. Click OK, then click Next.
  15. Select Add Roles.
  16. Select the Built-in Group role and click Add.
  17. Click OK then click Next.
  18. Click Finish.

Note: In order for an Assistant Admin to be able to create a group in this ActiveView a Target Container must be defined by performing the following steps:

  1. Highlight the ActiveView created in Step 3 above.
  2. Select Add objects.
  3. Select the rule Target Container (OU) for Create Operation, Target Domain for Create Operation, or Target Domain Member for Create Operation and click Next to continue defining the scope for this rule.

For DRA 7.x Versions

Launch the Delegation and Configuration console logged on as a the DRA Service Account or an account with the DRA Administrator role.

ActiveView Creation

  1. Under Delegation Management, select ActiveViews and New ActiveView
  2. Click Next and select Add and Objects that match a rule...
  3. Select Groups
  4. Click in any domain and select Specific Domain...
  5. Select the domain and click OK
  6. Click any group and select Groups Matching Wildcard...
  7. Enter xyz* and click OK
  8. Click OK again
  9. Click Add again and select Objects that match a rule...
  10. Select Users
  11. Click in any domain and select Specific Domain...
  12. Select the domain and click OK
  13. Click OK again
  14. Click Add and Target containers for create operations...
  15. Expand the domain node and select the Groups OU
  16. Click Add and OK and click Next
  17. Enter a name for this ActiveView and click Next
  18. Click Finish
  19. At the Delegation Wizard window, click Next
  20. Click Add and Users...
  21. Enter the name of the Assistant Admin (AA) account and click Find Now
  22. Select the AA and click Add
  23. Click OK and Next
  24. Click Add and Roles...
  25. >Enter Group Administration and click Find Now
  26. Select Group Administration and click Add
  27. Click OK and Next
  28. Click Next again and Finish

In the DRA 7.x version ActiveView above, an ActiveView was created to manage all groups in the domain that begin with xyz as well as the ability to create new groups in the Groups OU.  The AA assigned to this ActiveView is given the Group Administration role which will allow him to manage group membership and create and clone new groups.



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