How do I add a user or group to the Built-in Admins or the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group? (NETIQKB293)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 10-Nov-2011


Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


How do I add a user or group to the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group?

Can the membership of the DRA Assistant Admins groups be modified?


Adding a user or group to the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group can be performed using the steps listed below:

  1. Launch the Directory and Resource Administrator Delegation and Configuration Management Console logged in as a user with existing DRA Admin permissions.
  2. Expand the Delegation Management  node.
  3. Select Assistant Admins.
  4. Select DRA Admins from the list in the right hand pane.
  5. Right-click and select the Add member option.
  6. Select the Add button on the Rules tab in the DRA Admins Properties page.
  7. Select the Users... or Groups... option.
  8. Search and select the desired user or group and click Add.
  9. Click OK and OK again.


The DRA Admins assistant admin group in DRA controls who has full DRA Administration Rights inside of DRA. During the install of DRA, the AD user account used to run the NetIQ Administration Service will be added into this group. Other AD Users & AD Groups can be added after the install.

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