Searching for an identity by its associated account

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  • 03-May-2013
  • 07-Aug-2013


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


Searching for an identity by its associated account


A search that can be very helpful is searching by account name (or, link name) to find a particular identity. To do this, Account Mapping must be setup and then Advanced Analytics used to search for the identity. (A side effect of doing an account mapping is that the account attribute specified will be shown instead of the application account attribute on the Application Accounts tab for an identity.)

Here are the steps:

1. Add a new Account Mapping.
a. Go to System Setup.
b. Select "Account Mappings".
c. Click "Add New Attribute".
d. The "Attribute Name" is what you want to call this account attribute.
e. Click "Add Source".
f. Select "Application Attribute", the application for which you are mapping and select the attribute on which you would be searching. Click "Add".
g. Repeat 1.f. and add application/attribute sources.
h. Click "Save"
2. Aggregate the application that was specified in step 1.f. (make sure to not have optimization enabled for the aggregation).
3. Go to Advanced Analytics and do a search on the 'AccountName' attribute. It should return all the identities that match the accounts specified by your search.