Adding Quick Link Categories to 6.0 Dashboard

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  • 12-Oct-2012
  • 11-Dec-2012


In Access Governance Suite 6.0, the standard Quick Links on the Dashboard are divided into four categories, displayed in a single line across the page. 


If additional categories are added, they will appear on a second line on the dashboard.  Installations wanting to add a single extra category may want to make it appear on the same line with the default categories.  This requires the addition of two entries to the [Access Governance Suite Installation Directory]/css/iiq-custom.css file.  The first entry changes the default width of each Quick Link Category so that five will fit on a line. The second entry overrides a line break that, by default, is forced after four categories per line.

Add these entries to the iiq-custom.css file:

					.quickLinkCategory {
					width:18% !important ;
					}#dashboardLCMLaunch .vis-clear {
					display:none !important