Filr user created by LDAP import doesn't see their Home Directory.

  • 7025268
  • 07-Sep-2021
  • 07-Sep-2021


Micro Focus Filr 4.3


Users imported into Filr from OES eDir or MS AD which didn't originally have a home directory will not see their home directory if one is later assigned an imported.  For example, when the following steps are taken, the Home Directory is not available (but should be) within Filr:

  • User is created in the LDAP source (OES eDir or MS AD) without a home directory
  • Execute an LDAP import
    • the user will be created in Filr.
    • the imported user will not have home directory because the source didn't have one defined.
  • Assign a home directory to the user within iManager or MMC
  • Execute an LDAP import
    • The home directory should import at this time, but it does not.


The Micro Focus Filr team is aware of this problem and is investigating the cause and solution.