Unable to add image to an user in gwadmin

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  • 24-Aug-2021
  • 24-Aug-2021


GroupWise 18.3.1


When you add an image on the user in gwadmin it shows an black image and not the real image you selected.

The gwadmin-console.log shows the error:

Error scaling image: Could not initialize class java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment$LocalGE


Java needs an additional export you can add in the grpwise script or use on the commandline.

in /etc/init.d edit grpwise and add the following below the exports that are already in there

export JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true"

Save grpwise

Stop gwadminservice and check if no other java processes are running, if so stop these as well. When no java processes are running anymore start gwadminservice again.

You now will be able to add the image on the user again