Restoring a NAM backup fails with PKI_E_BAD_REQUEST_SYNTAX, Error: -1214

  • 7025247
  • 16-Aug-2021
  • 16-Aug-2021


  • Access Manager 4.5.x
  • Access Manager 5.0


restoring a NAM backup runing the "/opt/novell/devman/bin/" script fails with:

restoring an Access Manager Backup fails if the a Trusted Root Certificate with a name including "_Tree " || "_tree " has been stored within the iManager => Certificates => Trusted Roots
Options Used:
 -v -S LDIF -v -c -f __delAMContainer__.ldif -D LDAP -v -L ca.der -s login.kgast.local -p 636 -d cn=admin,o=novell
Restored configuration from /root/nambkup/
Archive: /root/nambkup/
 extracting: /root/nambkup/delegatedusers_list
Archive: /root/nambkup/
 extracting: /root/nambkup/policyviewusers_list
Restoring certificates...
8/10/21 3:17 PM AM#301003056: Error importing CA key: login_tree CA. Error: PKI_E_BAD_REQUEST_SYNTAX, Error: -1214
8/10/21 3:17 PM AM#201003052: Not all items were restored.
-edirTree login_tree
-edirServer login.o=novell
-edirUser cn=admin.o=novell
-edirPwd **********
-file /root/nambkup/
-pwd **********
-trcontainer trustedRoots.accessManagerContainer.novell
-caName login_tree CA


  • make sure there is no Trusted Root Certificate name using "_tree" or "_Tree" in the name before taking a backup of the existing Access Manager Configuration using

  • another option is to avoid that the "/opt/novell/devman/bin/" will exclude the "tr" directory within the file by modifying the line
  • from: ORIGCA=`unzip -l ${BKUP_DIR}/${BKUP_FILE}.zip | grep -i _tree | awk '{print $4,$5}'`
  • to: ORIGCA=`unzip -l ${BKUP_DIR}/${BKUP_FILE}.zip | grep -iwv -e "tr"| grep -i _tree | awk '{print $4,$5}'`

Additional Information


enable bash shell debuggin by adding the the line "set -x" at the begining of:
  • /opt/novell/devman/bin(
  • /opt/novell/devman/bin/