Access Gateway returns Servererror Null for authenticated user trying to access a protected resource configured for FormFill

  • 7025241
  • 10-Aug-2021
  • 10-Sep-2021


  • Access Manager 4.5.x
  • Access Manager 5.0


  • Access Gateway Cluster with multiple nodes

  • Layer 4 switch load balancing user requests to configured Access Gateway Services / Proxy Services.

  • Protected Resource configured to run a FormFill Policy

  • Access Gateway nodes always return the "Serverror Null" in case the users have been switched between cluster nodes. In particular between the proxy service running the Embedded Service provider (NESP) and any proxy service which runs a FormFill or Identity Injection policy which requires to retrieve additional user attributes.

  • The NESP catalina,out of the proxy service which returned the Servererror Null logs:

    • Exception message: "HTTPS hostname wrong:  should be <>"
    • Status: UnableToLocateUser


  • configure the certificate assigned to the NESP and "ESP Mutual SSL"to be the same