Filr 4.3 upgrade halts with "The Update process has reported a warning or error"

  • 7025234
  • 04-Aug-2021
  • 08-Sep-2021


Micro Focus Filr 4.3


When attempting to update the Filr Search server to version 4.3, the following message is presented:

The Update process has reported a warning or error. Review the returned text below:
Problem: product:Filr-4.3-0.x86_64 requires product(Filr) = 4.3-0, but this requirement cannot be provided
Solution 1:deinstallation of product:Filr-4.3-0.x86_64
Solution 2:do not install patch:Filr-4-2021-14-1.noarch
Solution 3:break product:Filr-4.3-0.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies


The Micro Focus Filr team is looking into a solution. Until that time, the upgrade can be completed by following the instructions below.
  • Ensure the Filr service is not running on any Filr nodes.
    • rcfilr status
      • Run this command on the Filr server to check the status.
    • rcfilr stop
      • Run this command on the Filr server to stop the service.
  • At the Filr Search terminal, run this command:
    • zypper rm open-vm-tools
      • hit y to continue
  • Paste this command into the Search server terminal session
    • zypper dup --auto-agree-with-licenses --replacefiles --allow-vendor-change
      • hit y to continue with each prompt
  • After completed, reboot the Search Server
  • Repeat these steps on other Search servers.
  • Paste the following command into a terminal session for each Search Server:
    • zypper in open-vm-tools
  • Upgrade the Filr Nodes.


The Filr 4.3 upgrade has conflicts with some versions of VM Tools.