Appliance is under maintenance if static IPv6 address is used

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  • 29-Jul-2021
  • 29-Jul-2021


AAF 6.3


After the server installation, the appliance console is always blank. It doesn't show up the post-installation screen. Also unable to login itself in the direct console. Web browser displays "Appliance is under maintenance / starting up".

However, the Configuration Portal (:9443) is accessible. The docker containers are up and running.


- Login to Configuration portal - https://<AAF_DNS_NAME:9443/>
- Open network settings
- Disable IPv6, set IPv4 address.


An IPv6 address was assigned while installing AA under static IP

Additional Information

How to reproduce: 

1. Install the AA using ISO

2. Agree to the EULA and set the hostname and root access password

3. Select Static IP for assigning network address

4. Set the IPv6 address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS

5. Click Next and proceed installation