Upgraded versions of Extra! X-treme will use the more secure Reflection Security Components

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  • 22-Jul-2021
  • 16-Sep-2021


Extra! X-treme


When Extra! 9.5 or earlier is upgraded to Extra! X-treme 9.6 or higher, it will now automatically use the Reflection Security Components (RSC) for all secure connections (3270, 5250, and Unix and OpenVMS host systems) instead of the legacy Extra! security modules.


The Reflection Security Components (RSC) are the latest and most secure modules from Micro Focus for creating secure connections to 3270, 5250, and Unix and OpenVMS host systems, and have fully replaced the original legacy-Extra! security modules.  These RSC modules will be used, regardless of how the security values are set in the original Extra! configuration (.EDP) file.  Using the updated and more secure versions for TLS and SSH sessions will require the user to move any existing host and client certificates from the legacy Rootcas.CBD file to the Microsoft Windows certificate store, so the Host certificates can be loaded and accessed by the Reflection Security Components.

New host sessions created in Extra! X-treme 9.3 and higher, will already be configured to use the Reflection Security Components for host communication.  But if a host session was created in a version of EXTRA! prior to 9.3, it is likely that this session will be utilizing the legacy-Attachmate Extra! security components, which are outdated and do not meet the security requirements of today's networks.  This automatic use of the Reflection Security Components should be transparent to the end user, once it is configured properly.