GroupWise Messenger "Full Name" feild displaying incorrectly

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  • 02-Jul-2021
  • 02-Jul-2021


GroupWise Messenger 18
GroupWise Messenger 18.1.x
GroupWise Messenger 18.2.x
GroupWise Messenger 18.3.x


When adding a user to Messenger in the GroupWise admin console, it gets added with "Last name, First Name" instead of "First Name, Last Name" in the "Full Name" field for User object in Messenger. This also affects the way the user is seen in the contact list on the GroupWise Messenger client. They would show up and "Doe, John" instead of "John, Doe".


To fix this:
  • Log into the GroupWise admin console as a system admin
  • Click on "Domains"
  • Select the Domain that the User(s) in question are under
  • Go to the "Address Book" tab
  • Locate the "Sort Address Book by" drop down and select accordingly
  • Click save then close
Note: It may be necessary to dissociate and re-associate the user on the User object "Messenger" tab for changes to take affect.