Identity Manager fails with 'ndsd process is not running'

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  • 28-Jun-2021
  • 28-Jun-2021


Identity Manager 4.5


Identity Manager is installed without errors but when running the following is returned at the console and in idmconfigure.log

ndsd process is not running – exiting


Rather than run the installer and directly from the mounted ISO image, copy the files from the ISO image to a directory on the file system and run the installer and from there.


This problem has only been observed in production on Red Hat Enterprise Server 7.9.  It has not been possible to recreate the fault in a test environment, therefore the root cause of the problem is not fully understood.  It is believed to be most likely down to a specific way the server was built and configured, possibly with additional hardening/security layers.

Additional Information

If the problem does not go away using the resolution above then, to troubleshoot this further, once the files have been copied from the ISO to the file system, edit IDM/ to allow additional debugging information to be logged as follows:


104         # ndsd process running?
105         ps -p 1 | grep -q systemd
106         if [ $? -eq 0 ]
107         then
108                 # systemd process
109                 systemctl status ndsdtmpl* &> /dev/null
110                 errorout_ifndsdnotfound
111         else
112                 # init process
113                 /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsstat &> /dev/null
114                 errorout_ifndsdnotfound
115         fi


104         # ndsd process running?
105         ps -p 1 | grep -q systemd
106         if [ $? -eq 0 ]
107         then
108                 # systemd process
109                 echo "------------------------- DEBUG START -------------------------" >> $LOG_FILE_NAME
110                 systemctl status ndsdtmpl* &>> $LOG_FILE_NAME
111                 echo "-------------------------- DEBUG END --------------------------" >> $LOG_FILE_NAME
112                 errorout_ifndsdnotfound
113         else
114                 # init process
115                 /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsstat &> /dev/null
116                 errorout_ifndsdnotfound
117         fi

Then after the failure send /var/opt/netiq/idm/log/idmconfigure.log to Micro Focus Support with the following

journalctl -u ndsd.service > ndsd.log
journalctl -u ndsdtmpl-etc-opt-novell-eDirectory-conf-nds.conf@-etc-opt-novell-eDirectory-conf-env.service > ndsdtmpl.log