AAF docker containers have not been updated on upgrade

  • 7025167
  • 21-Jun-2021
  • 28-Jun-2021


Advanced Authentication 6.3


Updated Advanced Authentication 6.3.3 to by following the recommended procedure from TID 7025121:
1. Stop aauth on all Web Servers. From the appliance console, navigate to System Services, select the Advanced Authentication service, then click on Action/Stop
2. Disable any events in the admin portal where integrations are pointed to the GMS or DBS (except the AdminUI event)
3. Proceed to upgrade the global master (GMS) first.

After the update, the Configuration Portal displayed the version However, Advanced Authentication web portals do not work and all containers except for the Risk Service containers were not updated.
Typing docker ps in an SSH session shows
aaf_* containers have the status "Exited (137)".

The zypp history file contains the following records:

# updating AAF

# customizing docker configuration

# configuring SSHD ciphers

# Job for docker.service failed because a fatal signal was delivered to the control process. See "systemctl status docker.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

# warning: %post(va-aauth- scriptlet failed, exit status 1

A reboot doesn't solve the issue.


Reboot the AA server

After the AA server reboots run the following commands:



Please contact support if this does not resolve the issue.


One of the available updates, updated the docker component to version 20, and it makes the docker service stop working.

Additional Information

This issue will be addressed in Advanced Authentication 6.3.5.