Report on user enrollments with dates

  • 7025166
  • 21-Jun-2021
  • 23-Jun-2021


Advanced Authentication 6.x


The Authenticators report generated in Dashboard of the AA Administrative Portal or in the Reporting portal doesn't contain the dates. Our management asked to generate a report with dates.


Run the following command:
docker exec aaf_audb_1 psql -U root -d aucore_prod -P pager=off -c "SELECT,,method_id,comment,auth_template.row_ver from auth_template full outer join public.user on ( full outer join repository on ( = public.user.repo_id) WHERE method_id<>'' AND method_id<>'LDAP_PASSWORD:1' ORDER BY repo_id,"

NOTE: Advanced Authentication doesn't store the date of initial enrollment. The row_ver column contains the date of last authenticator modification. If the authenticator was not changed or re-enrolled, it contains the date of enrollment.