RemoteLookupFailureException on ZENworks Reporting Appliance after applying security patches

  • 7025157
  • 16-Jun-2021
  • 15-Sep-2021


ZENworks Configuration Management


In some cases, post reboot after applying the appliance security patches, a transient error is seen when trying to login to the Appliance Console 9443 port.

ERROR: RemoteLookupFailureException

If refreshing the browser does not resolve this error then please contact your system administrator.


This error is most often caused when the datamodel-service fails to start or is not running on the Web-Server.  

In some cases, the problem will correct itself after some time up to an hour.

Or try restarting the datamodel-service with: rcvabase-datamodel restart
The status can be checked with: rcvabase-datamodel status

Otherwise it is necessary to collect logs and contact ZENworks support Micro Focus Customer Care.  For more information about appliance logs see

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