No updates listed for SMG OS Channel Repository data.

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  • 04-Jun-2021
  • 04-Jun-2021


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Your SMG appliance was once successfully registered, and you can see it in a vaadmin console in Online Update section. Despite it shows the appliance being registered with nu_novell_com, when checking for new updates, there are none listed.


This has been fixed in a revision 227 of SMG:

Revision: 227 - created 27-May-2021
133043 – Fix memory leak in spf code
113085 – Treat failed AUTH attempts as invalid commands
111066 – a Fixed problem with query where some messages weren't being displayed in the Tracker UI
113075 – Fixed an issue with the SMG OS Channel Repository, updates were not available

However, although you might have already updated your SMG to 227 build number, you will still not see any new available updates in the vaadmin console. A way to fix this is first to unregister your appliance and then re-register it again using the same SMG update channel key which you used once in the past to register the appliance.