SSPR Does not allow setting an empty valued attribute

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  • 19-May-2021
  • 19-May-2021


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR Version v4.5.0.4 b84 r29c5774e
Appliance, .war file, .msi builds
New User Registration module
Update Profile module


SSPR build 84  Does not allow setting an empty valued attribute
Unable to delete the value of an attribute
Unable to leave an attribute empty
In Update Profile or New User Registration it is not possible to set an empty value (to remove it)
SSPR b 84 considers all attributes to be mandatory
Unable to submit the page after blanking out an attribute
Problem occurs after upgrading to SSPR build 84, which was released May 6, 2021 


Upgrade to SSPR build 85, released May 18,2021

The screenshot below shows how SSPR builds 84 (which has the problem) and 85 (which does not have the problem) show in the Software Download Center  at  Note that build 84 has  been obsoleted and is no longer available.  

Additional Information

Step to duplicate:
Upgrade to SSPR build 84
Configure update profile with an attribute (mail for example)
Set a value in mail and submit (it works)
Go back to update profile and remove the mail value and submit => you will receive a message saying the field needs a value.  The submit option will not be active.,