CHKDSK hangs at 100% after reboot before apply FDE Policy on Windows 10

  • 7025091
  • 27-Apr-2021
  • 27-Apr-2021


ZENworks Full Disk Encryption


Depending upon FDE policy configuration, Windows may attempt to perform a CHKDSK operation at device boot prior to initial disk encryption.  The December 2020 Windows 10 Roll-up introduced an issue where the CHKDSK may hand at 100% when run during device boot.  Microsoft and both resolved and reintroduced this issue since the issue was initially created.


It is recommended to simply remove the CHKDSK request from the FDE policy.  ZCM 2020 Update 2 is expected to remove this option, as it is not deemed necessary.

Any device experiencing the issue can simply reboot their device and they should be presented with a screen for a few seconds allowing them to press any key to bypass the CHKDSK process.
This should only need to be done once on any given device.