GWAVA 6.5 mail not flowing to SMTP gateway

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  • 23-Apr-2021
  • 23-Apr-2021


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 6.5


Beginning on April 23rd, 2021, Cyren has shut down their servers. Anyone running GWAVA 6.5 will need to perform the following actions to get mail flowing again:

1- Disable Antivirus under Scanner/policy management | <scanner name> | scanning configuration | Antivirus | uncheck 'Enable virus scan'.
2- Disable Spam detection under Scanner/policy management | <scanner name> | scanning configuration | Antispam | spam detection | uncheck 'Enable spam detection'.

3- Restart GWAVA: DO NOT RESTART FROM THE UI, some things do not shut all the way down before it's started back up and will cause another issue.

If running Linux, restart this way:
If running Windows, restart this way:

Mail should start flowing again once GWAVA has restarted. Other filters will still work, such as RBL, SPF, and any filters that have been set up to block certain words or addresses.|

The next step is to migrate to SMG as soon as possible since anti-virus, anti-spam or IP rep protection will not work.
Here are the steps to follow: