How to run sdidiag with nonroot eDirectory

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  • 22-Apr-2021
  • 22-Apr-2021


eDirectory 8.8.8.X nonroot / custom location install
eDirectory 9.X  nonroot / custom location install
Sdidiag 3


eDirectory is installed using the tarball install
eDirectory is running as a nonroot user
eDirectory is configured to run on a port above 1024 (nonroot)
sdidiag is an rpm installed by root into the default /opt/novell/ path structure


Steps to run sdidiag as a nonroot user in a custom location  
NOTE:  In the examples, the nonroot user created to manage eDirectory is ediruser   The custom location for the eDirectory install is /home/ediruser/nonroot

1.  Download the sdidiag package the download site

2.  Install the sdidiag rpm as root. 
3.  Copy the contents of the /opt/novell/sdidiag/bin64 directory to the custom location using the same structure

4.  Change the ownership to the nonroot user