AA Syslog fills with messages about fluentd buffer overflow messages

  • 7025073
  • 08-Apr-2021
  • 07-Jun-2021


Advanced Authentication
AA 6.3.3


System Log Syslog (under the syslog tab) on the AA Admin page, and "Messages" log in downloaded AAF logs show thousands of repeated fluentd buffer full messages:

level=error msg="Failed to log msg \"\" for logger fluentd: fluent#appendBuffer: Buffer full, limit 1048576

Problem occurs regardless of whether ot not tisk service is enabled.


Workaround is to enter the following commands on the AA server:
systemctl stop docker
systemctl start docker
docker container stop risk_rbahistory_1 
docker container rm risk_rbahistory_1
docker rmi image -f mfsecurity/rba_history:
To clear the logs log in to the Administration portal and click Logs > Clear  


Reported to Engineering