How to renew GWAVA licenses.

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  • 31-Mar-2021
  • 22-Apr-2021


Blueprint for Reload
GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise)
GroupWise Forensics (Reveal)
GroupWise Mailbox Management (Vertigo)
GroupWise Monitoring and Reporting (Redline)
Migration Toolkit (MTK)
Reload for Retain
Retain Unified Archiving
GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway)


Your license of GWAVA product has expired and you need to renew it.


On the SLD site you can download only activation keys. Those are not license PEM files. A downloaded DAT file can be opened by any Text editor to read the activation key string. Then you will need to use downloaded activation key(s) with the following web portal:

From a drop-down menu you select your product and provide the activation key string from the downloaded DAT file. Click on Next and fill in requested information. After this step you will be able to download a new PEM file which you can use to update your GWAVA product license.


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