How to fix broken monitoring and reporting sections in Retain.

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  • 25-Mar-2021
  • 25-Mar-2021


Retain Unified Archiving 4.9.x


If you are logged in webadmin tool of Retain, and the click on Reporting or Monitoring parts under Overview section, the page cannot be displayed used to be as before.


One of the way to try fixing such issues is to reconfigure those two parts.
In webadmin console go to Configuration, click on Reporting and Monitoring link.
Review settings mainly in the Connection tab:

- server protocol
- DNS name of the Retain server
- port values
- path which would be used in URL
- set new R&M Server password

Review the same configuration settings for the remaining two sections on this page.
If everything else on all other tabs is correct, then click on Bootstrap tab and download a new file on your PC.
In a console of your Retain server change to


and remove/rename present StatsConfiguration.cfg file.
Then stop and start retain-tomcat service.
Once all is loaded again, login as admin in the webadmin console, go into Overview -> Reporting link and upload just downloaded bootstrap file from your PC.
Do the same step for Overview -> Monitoring.
You might also want to restart retain-tomcat service to see if those two newly reconfigured sections work for you.