Automatically Create Tickets for Tasks on a Recurring Schedule

  • 7025049
  • 15-Mar-2021
  • 15-Mar-2021


Service Desk 8.2


Configure ZSD to automatically create future recurring tickets via a schedule.
Used for Maintenance Items or other recurring tasks.


Schedule quick calls on a recurring schedule. 
These tasks would need to be made into quick calls and set to scheduled (right column) with the appropriate interval… (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually), etc. 
They can be scheduled with a customer pre-selected, this way the person who’s asking that these tasks get done on schedule can see that they’re being done.

Additional Information

Examples would be like:

Server Maintenance Window – (Patching) – every 30 days
Expire old accounts and move them into Inactive – every 60 days
Remove cloud licenses from old accounts – every 30 days
Move old email into archive, remove from email servers – every 90 days
Test failover of HA – every 180 days