Routing Tickets when Technician is On Vacation

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  • 12-Mar-2021
  • 12-Mar-2021


Service Desk 8.2


Placing a Technician on vacation excludes them from being assigned new requests automatically.

This process will route Technician Tickets to Supervisor when Technician is on Vacation.
The system will automatically reassign the User's active requests, if the Vacation Reassign option has been enabled.
If this option is not enabled, a Supervisor will need to manually reassign the requests, if required.

If the system Setup has been configured to Define Work Hours and Schedule Vacations, this additional functionality is available within the Schedule tab.


See ZSD v8.2 Section 3.2 User Documentation

Vacation Reassign privilege is used to control the technician reassignment if the assigned technician is on vacation.

The technician re-assignment will be limited only to the layer1 (which is the assigned escalation layer to the incident). If the assigned technician is on vacation then the reassignment will look for technicians within the layer1 and doesn't look for layer2 . This behavior is as expected.

Also for the technician reassignment to work within layer1 below is the setup

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > User (Tab) | Work Hours

Define Work Hours = Yes
Schedule Vacations = Yes
Schedule By Technician = Yes
Vacation Reassign = Yes

Technician User Settings
Assigned technician or supervisor should have a vacation schedule in such a way that the current day should fall under the scheduled date range.
-On Vacation flag should remain turned off

Additional Information

Identifies the On Vacation Option is set for the User/Technician