Propose Button to be Present in Notes

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  • 12-Mar-2021
  • 12-Mar-2021


Service Desk 8.2


What are the Requirements and Steps that need to be configured for the "Propose" button to be present in Service Desk?


These are the conditions for the Propose button to be visible in the Notes field of a Service Request or Incident.

Email Setup
Configure the system for standard Email communication
Refer to the ZSD Email Configuration Documentation
[Setup] > Setup > Email
Handshaking is set to "Yes"
Default Note Visibility is set to "Public"
[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Requests (Tab) | Handshaking = Yes
[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Requests (Tab) | Default Notes Visibility = Public

Request should be an Incident or Service Request
No Solution is already applied to the Request
Request is in an Active State (current Status is set as active in the workflow)
Status should not be "On Hold - Pending Approval"

Example: Default Incident Workflow shows the "Open" is in an Active State = Yes

No Solution is applied to the Ticket

Adding Note with Proposed Fix - Propose Button (if Visibility is set to Public)

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