Permission Denied error returned when accessing AA Helpdesk module

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  • 01-Mar-2021
  • 01-Mar-2021


Advanced Authentication
AA 6.3
Helpdesk Module


"Permission denied" error returned after entering user name and password in Helpdesk module
Error returned: Permission denied when logging into Helpdesk


Add the desired user to the list of "Enroll Admins" in the "local" repository.   This is done on the Advanced Authentication Admin page under Repositories à Local à Edit  à Enroll Admins. 

Additional Information

Additional Information:

Multiple items can be missed when configuring helpdesk users.  The list below shows the most common ones and indicates the tab where each is configured on the Advanced Authentication Admin page:

1.  Repositories tab:  The desired user must be listed as an "Enroll Admin" under the Local repository, as noted above.

2. Events tab: A Chain (or chains) must be assigned to the Helpdesk event.  

3. Chains tab: The desired user must be authorized to use a chain assigned to Helpdesk 

4. Methods tab: The user must be enrolled in all methods included a chain that is used to access Helpdesk