How to change the Docker bridge network address

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  • 26-Feb-2021
  • 23-Aug-2021


Advanced Authentication 
AA 6.3


The AA 6.3 appliance uses a subnet of 172.17.0.x and 172.18.x.x for the docker network.
In some instances this subnet might already be in use on the network, causing a conflict.   
Is it possible to change the subnet/network used for docker?


Change the docker bridge IP to an appropriate address by following the steps below.  

1. Modify /etc/docker/daemon.json, "\/16" is desired subnetwork in this example
sed -i 's/"ipv6"/"default-address-pools":[{"base":"\/16","size":20}],\n "ipv6"/' /etc/docker/daemon.json

2. Make sure that changes was applied
cat /etc/docker/daemon.json

3. Stop AAF/Risk services
systemctl stop risk-service
systemctl stop aauth

4. Restart docker service
systemctl restart docker

5. Startup AAF/Risk services
docker-compose -f /opt/risk/docker-compose.risk.yml down
systemctl start aauth

6. Check network interfaces settings