iPrint Update fails with dependency error when hosted on Xen Hypervisor

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  • 22-Feb-2021
  • 22-Feb-2021


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 4.x


When attempting to apply the iPrint 4.1.3 update while hosted on a Xen Hypervisor, the following error is presented:
latest appliance updates grub2-x86_64-xen missing
iprint appliance 4.1.3 grub and xen updates conflict with xen due to missing requirements

example error:
Problem: patch:SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2020-2304-1.noarch conflicts with grub2-x8 6_64-xen.x86_64 < 2.02-4.61.1 provided by grub2-x86_64-xen-2.02-4.40.1.x86_64
Problem: xen-tools-4.9.4_02-3.50.1.x86_64 requires grub2-x86_64-xen, but this requirement cannot be provided

The following error shows in the /var/opt/novell/datamodel-service/logs/datamodel.stderrout.out file:

WARN ProcessServiceImpl - Process results: Process return code: 4, process output: Problem: patch:SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2020-2304-1.noarch conflicts with grub2-x86_64-xen.x86_64 < 2.02-4.61.1 provided by grub2-x86_64-xen-2.02-4.40.1.x86_64
Solution 1: Following actions will be done:
do not install patch:SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2020-2304-1.noarch
do not install patch:SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2020-2249-1.noarch
do not install patch:SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP3-2020-2079-1.noarch
Solution 2: deinstallation of grub2-x86_64-xen-2.02-4.40.1.x86_64
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This issue is being investigated by the Micro Focus iPrint development team.  This document will be updated when there is a resolution.