Unable to change timeout values for SAML tokens in SaaS environment

  • 7025014
  • 22-Feb-2021
  • 22-Feb-2021


Advanced Authentication SaaS
Identity Governance SaaS


Unable to change the time out values for SAML authentication in the Advanced Auth SaaS "Web Authentication" policy.
Unable to access "Policies, Web Authentication" from Advanced Authentication Admin Page


Change the timeout values in each IG Event individually.  This is done from the Advanced Authentication Admin page under "Events."  The IG events that need to be changed end in -CX, -FORMS, -IAC, -IG, -RPT, and -RPTW.

Edit each of these events and select Advanced.  The timeout settings will be displayed and editable.

Additional Information

The default timeout values set in "Policies, Web Authentication," apply to all users of the SaaS.  Individual tenants can only change settings for their own configuration under "Events."