"The Printer name is invalid" when installing a printer

  • 7025011
  • 18-Feb-2021
  • 18-Feb-2021


OES 2018 SP2
iPrint Appliance 4.x
VDI environment 


When trying to install a printer that has the Xerox WorkCentre 7225 driver assigned on a VDI machine, the installation fails with the following message:
The Printer name is invalid


Disable the "Virtual Printer" feature from the "Workplace" application.


There is a conflict with the "Virtual Printer" feature from the "Workplace" application (previously named "AppliDis Fusion") from the editor "Systancia"

Additional Information

The "Virtual Printer" feature from Workplace Systancia is used for Virtual Machines (VDI solution). It installs a "fake" driver within the VM which allows you to see the "real" printers installed on the host machine and print through them. You do not need this when using iPrint.