Word List and Seed List buttons are missing in SSPR Config Manager

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  • 05-Feb-2021
  • 05-Feb-2021


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 4.5


The wordlist and seedlist options do not appear after installing SSPR.  
The SSPR Configuration Manager "Word Lists" tab does not show the buttons for "Upload Word List" or "Upload Seed List"
"Enable Word List" is enabled in SSPR Config Editor, Policies ⇨ Password Policies ⇨ default, but the buttons are not visible, as shown below: 


Lock / restrict the configuration.  

This can be done through the SSPR Appliance Management Console (https://server.example.com:9443) in the Administrative Commands section. Click "Lock Configuration."

It can also be done in SSPR Configuration Manager, under "Overview."  Click "Restrict Configuration."


The upload word list and seed list button are not available when the configuration is open.  This can be easily verified by unlocking the configuration of a working SSPR configuration and then looking at the Word Lists tab in SSPR Configuration Manager. 

Additional Information

The word list will be stored under the tomcat WEB-INF directory.  For example, for linux war installations it is found in /srv/tomcat/webapps/sspr/WEB-INF/wordlist.zip

In an appliance installation it resides inside the docker container in the path /var/lib/docker/overlay2/5425d8cde02b87db4661e13a3375586eacc49209aa947a2e7f0d02e9ecbde441/diff/root/.sspr-workpath/work-sspr-8443/war/WEB-INF/wordlist.zip