Renaming of Resource/User does not update Multi-User Calendar

  • 7024988
  • 13-Jan-2021
  • 13-Jan-2021


GroupWise 18.3


There needs to be a multi-user calendar.  Rename a resource or user that appears as included in the calendar.  In the main view of the calendar the new name is reflected.  But, in the side panel view the old name is reflected and not updated


In order to get this fix, please open a Service Request and ask for FTF build 18.3.0 build 137460 or newer

    1. Loading the client the first time will flag all proxy folders that match user's names (can't actually see this)
    2. Try renaming some user/resource that you have a proxy folder for and restarting the client. Clicking on the folder (or it's parent) should rename the folder.
    3. Try renaming yourself and restarting the client. If you click on a proxy folder pointing at your own calendar it should rename itself
4. If you rename a proxy calendar yourself and then change the user name, the next time you start the client nothing should happen if you click on it.