Email with iPrint commands gets truncated when sent from either iPhone or Android device

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  • 13-Jan-2021
  • 13-Jan-2021


iPrint Client for Windows
GroupWise Mobility Service 18.3


When an email message is sent from either an iOS or Android device via GMS, with the subject line command for iPrint to print the message, there is at least one space removed from the subject line upon receipt.  This causes the job to fail to print.

For example, if the subject line is print printer=test_eMailPrint portrait=yes color=yes duplex=yes mailbody=yes, when it is received in the GroupWise windows client it shows as print printer=test_eMailPrint portrait=yes color=yes duplex=yesmailbody=yes.

Notice that the space between duplex=yes and mailboxy=yes is missing.


At this time the only workaround is to not send these messages from a device via GMS.  It would be to use either the classic WebAccess or the new GW Web.  The spaces are not deleted with either of those applications and both will work from a device.


this has been reported to engineering.  The root cause as not yet been identified.