How to uninstall GW Messenger.

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  • 08-Jan-2021
  • 08-Jan-2021


GroupWise Messenger 18


Your existing GWIM installation is broken, and you want to star from a scratch.


Here are pasted steps which you can copy and save in your own uninstall script. You can review them and adjust to your needs based upon what version 18.x you are running.


systemctl stop arangodb3.service
systemctl stop gwm-nmma.service
systemctl stop gwm-nmaa.service
systemctl stop gwm-mars@nvlmsgr.service
systemctl stop gwm-mars@gwmsgr.service

systemctl disable arangodb3.service
systemctl disable gwm-nmma.service
systemctl disable gwm-nmaa.service
systemctl disable gwm-mars@nvlmsgr.service
systemctl disable gwm-mars@gwmsgr.service
systemctl disable gwm-mars@.service
rcnovell-nmma stop
rcnovell-nmaa stop

rpm -e novell-messenger-agents
rpm -e novell-messenger-software

rpm -e groupwise-messenger-agents
rpm -e groupwise-messenger-software
rpm -e arangodb3

rpm -e zulu-8
zypper --non-interactive remove --force --force-resolution java-1_8_0-ibm
zypper --non-interactive remove --force --force-resolution javapackages-tools

rm -rf /etc/opt/novell/messenger
rm -rf /opt/novell/messenger
rm -rf /cluster/novell
rm -rf /cluster/arangodb3
rm -rf /var/opt/novell/log
rm -rf /var/opt/novell/messenger
rm -rf /etc/arangodb3
rm -rf /var/lib/arangodb3
rm -rf /var/lib/arangodb3-apps
rm -rf /run/arangodb
rm -rf /var/log/arangodb3
rm -rf /etc/arangodb3
rm -f /usr/lib/systemd/system/gwm-mars@.service
rm -f /usr/lib/systemd/system/gwm-nmma.service
rm -f /usr/lib/systemd/system/gwm-nmaa.service
rm -f /etc/init.d/novell-nmma
rm -f /etc/init.d/novell-nmaa