GW Web: Error communicating with server

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  • 17-Dec-2020
  • 17-Dec-2020


GroupWise Web 18.2
GroupWise Web 18.3


When logging into GroupWise Web getting the error "Error communicating with server"


First, verify that the Post Office you are connection has SSL for SOAP set to required as GroupWise Web requires SSL/TLS communication.

If the Post Office Agent uses a SOAP port (7191) other than default (i.e. 7192) then this error will occur. Locate the web.conf file with a text editor. This will most likely be in /opt/novell/gw but can be elsewhere.

You will see the lines:

upstream POA.dom.po.POA {

upstream default {

Edit the upstream default line to use the 7192 port. Save and exit the file.

Stop the gwweb image and start it again after the file has been changed.

NOTE: If you have multiple POAs on a single server with many different SOAP ports defined, this workaround will not work. A bug has been reported to engineering.


This is a bug and has been submitted to GroupWise development.