Administration requests made in GroupWise Admin Console do not work or are ignored.

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  • 02-Dec-2020
  • 02-Dec-2020


GroupWise 18


Administrator changes a user's password in the Admin Console.  

The password is not changed and the old password remains in effect.

Other admin request seem to be ignored as well such as running maintenance requests like a structural rebuild.  The request is sent but the action never takes place.

The Verbose POA log shows that admin request file process.  At this point you would expect to see a line in the log: "Successful merge of settings".   This would indicate the action is completed.  This line never shows up in the log.


If the POA object has a custom name that is longer than eight characters it needs to be replaced.  Delete and create a new POA object with a name that is eight characters or fewer.  The default name is simply POA.

The GroupWise admin interface will be changed to prevent the creation of new POA names that are too long.  However, existing POA objects will need to be replaced to correct the problem.


Some sections of the GroupWise engine code do not allow for longer POA names so requests are not completed.