SSPR won't accept challenge responses on non-English SSPR page

  • 7024941
  • 25-Nov-2020
  • 16-Jun-2021


SSPR 4.5
IDM UserApplication 4.8.1 or 4.8.2
Non-English SSPR page


Challenge responses meet requirements, but cannot be saved
"Add an extra random answer" returned after answering Challenge Questions 
SSPR does not accept challenge answers even thou they are correct
Problem does not occur on English page
SSPR user creation fails with special character (umlaut)

Steps to duplicate:

1. Answer the challenge questions. 
2. Make sure message is returned: "Your answers meets the requirements."
3. Click to record answers. 
4. You will be returned to the initial screen with the message "Add an extra random answer." 
5. Change the language in the bottom menu of the page to English.
6. Answer the questions with the same answers as before.
7. Save answers.  This time it will work successfully.


Upgrade to SSPR or newer.

Then open the SSPR configuration editor and make the following change:

Settings ⇨ Application ⇨ Application

Character Set for decoding inbound data.

 Set value as utf-8

Workaround for prior versions:
Open /opt/netiq/idm/apps/tomcat/conf/web.xml.  
Delete or comment out the line says <request-character-encoding>UTF-8</request-character-encoding> 


 <request-character-encoding>UTF-8</request-character-encoding> was added to  web.xml to address an issue with IDM workflows being unable to handle special characters.  Unless you need special characters in an IDM workflow, deleting this line shouldn't cause any problem.