Error doing full sync of repository after installing Cloud Bridge

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  • 24-Nov-2020
  • 09-Dec-2020


Advanced Authentication SaaS
AA as a service, build 153


Error when doing a full synch after adding an repository
Error:  TransportError 500, 'Repository Agent has failed to respond’ 
Local variable ‘template_name’ referenced before assignment.


Make sure that either AD or eDir is selected as the repository type.

For an AD repository, make sure the repository name is the same as the NetBIOS name of the server.

Additional Information

AA as a service works with eDir or AD repositories but does not work with AD LDS.  At the current time AD LDS is not supported.

With the SaaS version of Advanced Authentication the name of an AD repository must match the NetBIOS name of the server.

To find the netbios name of the server, first find its IP address, open a cmd prompt as administrator (can be done from your local workstation)  and then run this command:

nbtstat -A %ipaddress%

 Substitute the IP address for "%ipaddress%." Results will be shown in the netbios table.