OES Client rights and Filr rights don't match up

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  • 24-Nov-2020
  • 24-Nov-2020


Micro Focus Filr


Users are able to browse directories, add files, delete files, and perform other operations using the OES Client. But those same operations fail with the following message when attempting with Filr:
Failed to upload
If you click the show detail link, the follow message shows:
You do not have permissions to upload files in this folder


The OES Client honors the Security Equal To feature within eDirectory.  However, Filr does not. 

The workaround is to Add file system rights to the eDirectory users by making them (or their groups) trustees of the Volume or Directories and add the needed rights there.

To add file system rights:
  • iManager -> Files and Folders -> Properties -> Browse to and select the Folder
  • Choose the Rights tab
  • Click the browse button next to Add Trustee
    • Add the user or group.
  • Check the boxes to add rights (list to the far right -> S R W C E M F A)
  • Click Apply.